17 December 2009

How do I Build a Custom PC..?

How to build a custom PC ultimately depends on your overall working experience with computer hardware and specifications; as well as the budget you have allocated for this type of project.

Most folks who desire to build their own custom PC are either seeking a powerful game machine, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) machine, or high end multimedia production editing bay.

If this is the case, the best independent component investments to take into strong consideration are:

13 December 2009

What is a Computer Port?

With each day that passes, we rely more and more on computers for all facets of our lives in the information age. Every aspect of daily life from financial matters, health issues, and leisure time all have ties to the World Wide Web and, ultimately, computers now. For some, their computer is their livelihood. For even more, their computer provides them a crucial resource for information, communication, and organization. One reason that computers are able to accomplish all of these remarkable feats that shape our lives is their ability to be versatile, powerful, and rapid in accomplishing given tasks. The cornerstone of the computer's connective capability is through its computer ports.