14 August 2009

Alienware M15x :The Best Gaming Laptop All Time


Grand Theft Auto 4 is coming to the PC, and not only does it kick the Xbox 360 version’s butt in terms of graphical power, it also comes with this really cool in-game video editor. You can switch camera angles, use slow motion, and even dub your voice over it. So not only do you have a replica of New York to use as a personal playground, you have helicopters and sports cars to put to use making your own personal action movies, the kind that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and probably put a few stuntmen in the hospital, if attempted in real life.

The problem is, the computer that this article is being written on sure as heck isn’t going to be able to run that game at anywhere near a suitable speed. Rather than just put that thought out of mind and go back to playing the N64, let’s Google “The Best Gaming Laptop Of All Time” and see what we turn up.

Okay, the first half a dozen results are all from Alienware. No surprise there. Alienware is the one company constantly raising the bar and making laptops specifically for gamers.

In fact, forget Google, let’s not pretend we’re going to get the best gaming laptop of all time from Dell or Apple, let’s just go to Alienware.com and see what’s new.

The Area 51 m15x 15.4. Alienware proudly proclaims right on the website that this is the most powerful notebook ever.

So what makes it so special?

Hm, an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor. Wow. That means that not only can the m15x run games that haven’t even been announced for release yet, but this machine is as powerful as the super-computers used at a lot of video game design companies. You could edit incredibly hi-def video, and practically make a Pixar movie on this thing, all while running Call of Duty 4.

An NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GT graphics card, with 512MB of dedicated graphics memory. That’s half a gig of space just for graphics alone! Or, you could even upgrade to an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3600M GPU for even more hardcore graphical processing power.

So after listing just two details, this unit already has the very best notebook processor available, and the very best notebooks graphic card in existence.

Okay, we’ve already answered the question in the header: Yes, it’s probably the best gaming laptop of all time. So let’s just list some of the coolest details beyond that…

Facial recognition security features, AlienTouch touchpad controls, Draft-N wireless, a high-def 15.4 inch LCD display, making super HD Blu -Ray possible, and it comes with a free backup battery…

Okay, here’s the kicker: It costs around $1,299, and AlienWare offers a $39 a month payment plan.

For a top class gaming laptop, that’s practically unheard of. So yes, yes, a thousand times yes, this is the laptop of any gamer’s dreams.

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