21 August 2009

How to Make a Test Laptop Or Lcd Screen

Before you buy a new laptop or buy a replacement laptop LCD screen panel, you must want choose no dead pixel (burned pixel),no light pixe Lcd screen panle. The Simple question is who like trouble ? but if you have not specialized LCD test Software, you would read this article. It does not matter, we tell a good way to you,

Operating system has been installed
Click the “Start” → “Run”,input”command”(Windows 9X/Me operating system) or “cmd” (Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems),at this time,the “Command Prompt” window be open.input”debug “and click”enter”key.the screen will show “?”, the laptop run debug application.pushing”Alt+Enter”, Maximized windows fill
the entire screen for test laptop Lcd screen.

Operating system has not been installed
Reboot your laptop ,enter DOS,input “debug”and click”enter”key.the screen will show “?”,
the laptop run debug application.

input command
“F B800:00 F9F 20 70”Full-screen white,

“F B800:00 F9F 20 40”Full-screen red,

“F B800:00 F9F 20 20”Full-screen green,
“F B800:00 F9F 20 10”Full-screen blue.
! `3 b4 M- ]1 p6 N. G

add gridding

“F B800:00 F9F C5 07 C4 07”Full-screen white gridding,
“F B800:00 F9F C5 04 C4 04”Full-screen red gridding,
“F B800:00 F9F C5 02 C4 02”Full-screen green gridding,
“F B800:00 F9F C5 01 C4 01”Full-screen blue gridding.
the way is very convenient. you do not need install test software,but also we achieve , l: m& J( d’ Z0 G Q! d/ I0 N/ V- k- Q/ x ?+ Mthe purpose of testing.
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