04 September 2009

Tweak Windows with Ultimate Windows Tweaker v1.2


"Ultimate Windows Tweaker" is a tweaking Utility for Windows Vista and 7 which can help you in increasing system performance and tweaking your system to the max.

Its a very small and portable utility so you don't need to install it. Just download and run the EXE file.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is contains 9 sections which helps in identifying which tweaks you want to apply:

  • System Information
  • Personalization
  • User Accounts and UAC
  • System Performance
  • Security Setting
  • Network Setting
  • Internet Explorer
  • Additional Tweaks
  • About

You can download it using following link:


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  1. THX for this nice post :D
    i love it..

  2. Hi there! Can you post some of the additional tweaks that are inside it? I like most of it but I just don't like Internet Explorer. As my friends says, "Internet Explorer is the best browser to download another browser!"